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Women public speakers in Australia MC, panel facilitator, reshaping women’s communication skills Martine Harte Martine Harte is a dedicated gender equality advocate, who was awarded a prestigious Melbourne Press Club Gold Quill Award for excellence, a Logie award nomination for journalism … Continue reading


We have more time than many of us may realise. Each one of us has 168 hours each week.  It doesn’t feel like it right? So, how do we find time for what matters most? Is it possible to finally learn … Continue reading

The Brookfield Director

Interview with Sharon Warburton — Brookfield Multiplex executive director.

“You don’t get offered Non-Executive director every day of the week so it was more a case of, ‘this is what I want to do, now let me work out how on earth we are going to make this work.” … Continue reading


Over the past few months I’ve been privy to the business stories of outstanding Australian women. I’ve cheered them on as they demonstrated how they overcame adversity and given virtual high fives whilst reading their warts and all accounts. It’s … Continue reading