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Interview with Ming Long AM

Ming Long AM is a respected leader with more than 25 years experience across a broad range of industries.

She led the establishment of Property Male Champions of Change and is the first Asian woman to lead an ASX-100 or 200 listed entity in Australia.

Ming Long AM spent 11 years at Investa Property Group with assets under management of $-11 billion as CEO, CFO.

As Chair of AMP Capital Funds Management, Deputy Chair of Diversity Council of Australia and is on an advisory board to grow Fintech in Melbourne, YBF Ventures.

She holds a Bachelor of Economics and Law from the University of Sydney and an MBA from the University of Technology in Sydney.

Mind has held senior executive and leadership roles in listed and unlisted entities in real estate and is known for tackling challenging roles, including navigating the GFC.

Ming is a dedicated advocate on women’s issues and spoke about the complexity surrounding maternity leave in a chat with Financy here.

When women go on maternity leave, people assume they have no ambition and have gone into some black hole. The way I explain it, women who decide to take maternity leave are learning very important skills, such as time management.

Many are doing their job on two hours sleep and juggling. They are also influencing, educating, and mentoring. There are so many skills these women are learning.

Ming Long AM.

In another interview with SBS News  she addressed barriers to cultural diversity.

We see so few women (in leadership) in general because I think the stereotype (that) we make assumptions about are the position of women in society.

When you add the intersection of ethnic or cultural diversity into someone’s gender, it makes it twice as hard because the expectation is even stronger that she shouldn’t have these roles.

Ming Long AM.

Ms Long was born in Kuala Lumpur and was nine when her family migrated to Australia.

Ming Long AM.

Twitter @MingLong

She is Sydney based.

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