Professor Megan Davis

Professor Megan Davis fast facts and resources for students   WHO IS PROFESSOR MEGAN DAVIS? Professor Megan Davis is Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous UNSW and a Professor of Law, UNSW Law.   Professor Megan Davis is Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous UNSW and … Continue reading

Engaging Women founder story

  Martine Harte founded advocacy platform Engaging Women to elevate the voices of women and advance awareness surrounding barriers to equality. It was 2011, and there was very little like it in the space. Since then the platform has allowed … Continue reading

President Barack Obama Australian tour

Former United States President Barack Obama returned to Australian shores last week for ‘An evening with President Obama.’ Audiences of up to twenty thousand people in Sydney and Melbourne were keen to hear insights from the 44th President. Chancellor of … Continue reading

Indra Nooyi My life in full

Indra Nooyi My life in full: Work, Family and our Future How often do we get to mine insights from someone consistently ranked among the world’s 100 most powerful women? Indra Nooyi serves on the boards of Amazon and the … Continue reading

The Business Leader

Interview with Ming Long AM

Ming Long AM is a respected leader with more than 25 years experience across a broad range of industries. She led the establishment of Property Male Champions of Change and is the first Asian woman to lead an ASX-100 or … Continue reading


“I am writing this book at a place in my life where I am no longer going to pretend I don’t have any power. And I am definitely no longer interested in being a good girl. And my intention is … Continue reading

Nurse of the Year

Interview with Tania Green

I just want to make a positive difference; I try and appreciate what these families face by sharing in their lives so that I can be that positive difference – that support and care that make the small things easier, … Continue reading

Carol Schwartz AM

Interview with Director Reserve Bank Board

Carol Schwartz AM is one of the most significant Australian feminists of the modern era. Her energy for a better world for women and girls knows no bounds. We have applauded her unrelenting advocacy on women in leadership, gender equality, … Continue reading

The Melbourne Opera Non-Executive Director

Interview with Anastasia Fai Kogan

Anastasia Fai Kogan has been appointed the youngest director in the history of the Melbourne Opera Board.  She will serve as a Non-Executive Director and is expected to bring energy and fresh, connective thinking to the role. The 37-year-old is … Continue reading

The adaptive Principal

Interview with Jenny Williams

“I see this time of change as an amazing opportunity to rethink many of the things we take for granted in education. Established ways of thinking and doing are often very hard to change but this time of turmoil has … Continue reading