Body positivity speaker Jess King

“Embrace your uniqueness. Recognise that you are one of a kind and that your differences are what make you special. Showcase your individuality and focus on what makes you stand out, rather than trying to confirm to societal expectations.” Body … Continue reading

Tiffany Cherry women in sport

Tiffany Cherry has spent decades forging a path for women and girls to thrive in sport. Widely recognised as the AFL’s (Australian Football League) first female boundary rider, we recognise her as a trailblazer for inclusion. As a sports journalist … Continue reading

Engaging Women event and client feedback

Engaging Women  has collaborated with corporates, government, employee organisations and many other stakeholders to provide speakers, event hosts and emcees. Contact for more.   Engaging Women at Friends of Montefiore Annual Brunch  Email this story Leave a Comment Reprinted … Continue reading

Need an MC or event host?

  ENQUIRE ABOUT A SESSION MEET MC MIGNON STEWART It is wonderful to see life coming back into this fabulous city. Melbourne thrives on events. We have a passionate community that loves the city and all her experiences from restaurants, … Continue reading

Find MC or host Australia

Find MC or event host Australia Martine Harte is an accomplished and awarded journalist who has worked across a broad range of television broadcasting and event hosting roles.   Clients consistently recommend her as a professional event host who not … Continue reading

International Women’s Day Speakers

Engaging Women is Australia’s first all female speakers offering, run by women, and has promoted equality for more than a decade. ENQUIRE Hear from engaging women speakers and support a female-led Australian business. Bring in one of our professional broadcasters … Continue reading


Finding online speakers to engage your team after the disruption of 2020/2021 has never been easier. Engaging Women has been propelling equality and diversity for more than a decade, we know both men and women working together is key. Support, … Continue reading


Online speakers in Australia find speakers for virtual events. ENQUIRE Smart companies and businesses are using these uncertain times to inspire teams for morale, greater productivity and a sense of hope. We can help lift your virtual conference, Zoom or … Continue reading


Women’s health and wellbeing speakers Australia for public events and online. The stresses of a global pandemic combined with cost-of-living pressures, algorithms and disconnection has impacted populations worldwide. Equality and a more cohesive, optimistic society relies on all genders, faiths … Continue reading

Join us to elevate Australian women

Women public speakers in Australia ENQUIRE Engaging Women was built with the mission to elevate the voices of Australian women and to increase their visibility in public life.  We are not a traditional speakers agency. If you would like to invite any of the … Continue reading