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It is wonderful to see life coming back into this fabulous city. Melbourne thrives on events. We have a passionate community that loves the city and all her experiences from restaurants, theatre shows, live-music events, art openings and so much more. For a city known for its stylish people and rich culture, events are truly the heartbeat of Melbourne.

Melbourne MC Mignon Stewart


After immersing her foreign correspondent family in Washington DC during the Trump administration, Mignon Stewart is putting expat life behind her and is ready to get back behind the hosting mic.

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Welcome home. Can you share a memorable experience from your expat life?

Melbourne MC Mignon Stewart  – So many!

My first memorable experience was moving into the former house of the Vice President, Mike Pence. He rented the house near the White House before his inauguration alongside President Trump. When we moved in, there were rainbow flags on every house in the neighbourhood except ‘our’ new house.

This was because the very Democrat neighbourhood was protesting against Pence and his very conservative ideas including being anti gay. No one warmly welcomed us as they assumed we were Republicans. When I realised this, I purchased the Pride flag (and an Australian flag) online and flew both proudly.

Within an hour, many neighbours knocked on our door welcoming us with wine and flowers. They admitted they’d held back thinking we were aligned somehow with the Trump Administration. While this was amusing, it also showed me how truly divided the USA was.

I appreciate you asked for one experience, but a gun being pointed at my Labrador dogs head is another experience I’ll never forget, and my sons first week at school, when he was given the ‘active shooter’ drill (that happened to be on his 8th birthday.)

America is a complex place however and I want to add we enjoyed incredible road trips across the country and Americans are very open, kind people.

Another highlight was standing on the White House lawn with my son to greet the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison and President Trump.

Tell us about your broadcasting and journalism career?

Melbourne MC Mignon Stewart – I began as a newsreader with ABC radio in country NSW.

I then became a reporter with Channel 10 News for 11 years. I covered the court round for four years which I loved.
I was also the fill-in reader for the nightly news, hosting alongside Mal Walden in Melbourne and George Donikian in Adelaide.

I then returned to the ABC where I presented news bulletins (solo) on the ‘Australia Network’, that aired in Asia.

Do you have any hacks to assist composure when hosting/mc’ing?

Melbourne MC Mignon Stewart – The best tool for composure is to be thoroughly prepared, and cool headed… considered and calm.

Voice control is also paramount, so an audience doesn’t ever think you’re not in full control. A crowd always wants to feel comfortable with their host.

Best MC’ing experience?

Melbourne MC Mignon Stewart – I enjoyed hosting a Prada product launch at MYER. It was a fun occasion with a full room eager to hear from the guest of honour, Dame Edna Everage.

I had the magical opportunity to interview her in front of a crowd keen for a laugh. I had to remain quick witted and agile, with an interview that could (and did) go to unpredictable places.
I like interviewing people while hosting.

What did you miss most about Australia?

Melbourne MC Mignon Stewart – I missed the ease of everything. Americans found it very hard to understand my accent initially. We had many laughs at the constant misunderstandings. But I realised how easy going Australians are… even ones in authority..

Aussie’s just seem to get each other and mostly adopt a common sense approach. I also missed not having to worry about the gun culture… not worrying about where the cinema exits were or if my son was going to be safe at school.

What about Melbourne?

Melbourne MC Mignon Stewart – Again, it’s the ease of everything. It’s incredible that you can jump on a train and go to the footy at the MCG. Or you can whip into the City to see a gallery and have dinner. Pre Covid of course, the number of events and fun things to do that were easy to access were truly fabulous. The people too… they give the city its energy and vitality.

Oh and did I mention the historic buildings, the fashion and the shopping!

Best Melbourne event you’ve had the pleasure of attending?

Melbourne MC Mignon Stewart – It’s been a while with Covid and four years in the USA, but I love anything at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

I adored seeing Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu perform there. Incredible.

The Australian Tennis Open has also been a highlight.

Melbourne knows how to host.


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