The art of finding your window of opportunity

Interview with Sara James

I think one of the things I’ve always remembered is the old, ‘If there’s not a door, there’s a window.’ Sara James Emmy award-winning journalist.   Sara James is an author, Emmy-award winning journalist and commentator who covers Australasia for … Continue reading

The art of speaking out

Interview with Sara James

A global survey on the status of women in the news media shows our position in the workforce has changed little in fifteen years. We have made small progress into some key editorial positions yet it’s still rare to find women … Continue reading

The art of trusting your own narrative

Interview with Sara James

It is such a pleasure to feature the amazing Sara James in the next series of our video content designed to embolden more women to step into public life. This 4.43 sec video covers how this Emmy-award winning correspondent and anchor … Continue reading


$3,366.09   Well done to Natalie Bell, her friends, colleagues and friends of Engaging Women who raised a solid $3,366.09 for Our Watch. This fantastic result is the latest effort from our Ambassadors Program and has been acknowledged in a letter from Our Watch … Continue reading


Fundraiser for Our Watch.

Thank you to nearly 160 awesome humans who turned out for last night’s fundraiser for Our Watch. True to form, Nat Bell got the fundraising off to a flying start, recruiting some impressive worker bees. And the art raffles were a major hit thanks to … Continue reading

The art of sponsorship

Interview with Kemi Nekvapil

A recent report by the Women’s Gender Equality Agency and Curtain University reveals that even female execs are earning $93,000 less on average than our male counterparts. A gap which comes to around 26 percent. Gender bias and dinosaur attitudes towards women … Continue reading


Interview with Delysia Pahoff

It was an enormous pleasure to meet guests at Jewish Care’s ‘Friends of Montefiore’ annual brunch in Melbourne. Sponsored by the Pratt Foundation, this event has a rich, thirty-four year history. 220 people travelled to Leonda by the Yarra to raise funds for Gary Smorgon House … Continue reading

Herstory in the Senate

Bravo Greens Senator Larissa Waters who breastfed her beautiful baby in the Australian Senate today. In her first appearance in the chamber since the birth of her second child, Waters brought her baby into the chamber during a vote on … Continue reading

Women's Agenda Leadership Awards

There’s undoubtedly a  wealth of talented women at the helm of some terrific websites, blogs, columns and/or podcasts here in Australia. We want to connect you with publishers who are consistently striving for a better world for women and girls. Writers and … Continue reading