Fundraiser for Our Watch.

Thank you to nearly 160 awesome humans who turned out for last night’s fundraiser for Our Watch. True to form, Nat Bell got the fundraising off to a flying start, recruiting some impressive worker bees. And the art raffles were a major hit thanks to … Continue reading

The plus-size model

Interview with Hayley Hasselhoff — Body image warrior.

“I’ve gone from modelling to a body advocate and just being able to tell girls, “here’s my story, here’s what I think about my body, you can take my advice or leave it but I still want to hold your … Continue reading

Freddie, technology blogger

Interview with Frederique Bros — Women Love Tech.

French-born Frederique Bros  is a Graphic & Web Designer who started her own online lifestyle technology magazine www.womenlovetech.com/ to empower women with technology. It’s a helpful blog with lots of quick technology tips and reviews. Meet Freddie. Martine: Freddie what in your view … Continue reading

The fashion designer

Interview with Lisa Barron — Fashion Designer .

“I came over here with $500 and my portable sewing machine and found a flat which I rented for forty dollars a week. It had a garage which became my empire (laughs) and one power point and on that I ran the sewing machine: … Continue reading

The theatre director

Interview with Marion Potts — Malthouse Theatre Creative Director and CEO.

“The one bit advice I give myself, in moments where you feel that encroaching sense of self-doubt is just to remember that the project is larger than yourself. The big cultural projects we all undertake in Australia are bigger than us. If … Continue reading

The news anchor

Interview with Sandra Sully — Network Ten journalist, Senior Editor, digital publisher.

“I didn’t speak about the assault for a long time because I lived in fear for so long, but I am happy to talk about it now because I feel lucky to have survived it. It’s also taught me a valuable … Continue reading

The Heat Group CEO

Interview with Gillian Franklin — The Heat Group.

“It wasn’t about wanting to be a general manager it was more basic than that, I’d witnessed first-hand the challenges women have trying to work and have a family and I really have enormous empathy and respect for the women … Continue reading

The mother's day classic founder

Interview with Louise Davidson — Mother's Day Classic co-founder.

“I have to say we really started from a very naive place, I’d never been to a fun run, I don’t think most of the women working on our volunteer committee had been to a fun run and so we … Continue reading

The educator

Interview with Dannielle Miller — Enlighten Education.

Girls are not going to be whole, confident, positive, ambitious young women if they don’t see us showing them what that looks, feels and smells like. Dannielle Miller.   Who’s in? Who’s out? Who’s hot? Who’s not? These dilemmas are … Continue reading

The anti-trafficking lawyer

Interview with Melissa Stewart — World Vision.

“One thing that has always struck me is this incredible resilience that children and people have. It’s why we call them survivors and not victims. They come from incredibly traumatic situations and they often times need to go through a … Continue reading