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Interview with Jodie Fox — Entrepreneur.

What I love most about bringing these chats to you each week is that every person takes us on a journey I rarely expect. This weeks Engaging gal Jodie Fox is the co-founder of a multi million dollar global enterprise Shoes … Continue reading

Charlie Pickering on women

Interview with Charlie Pickering

“The idea of inoculating kids with self-esteem is building a resistance to things like bullying and what I really see is the sign of the demons that come in their lonely moments on the internet, which really are like the … Continue reading

The chief of staff

Interview with Kate McGrath — The Chief of Staff.

“Some people think there’s a massive conspiracy where what goes on the news is controlled my media magnates. For that I’d just like to say, “Come in, sit down and watch how quickly decisions are made and you’ll quickly find … Continue reading

The nappy collective

Interview with Sandra Jacobs — The Nappy Collective.

“Motherhood is a challenge and mothers have an innate desire to help each other. When you’re a new mum you get inundated with advice from everyone, it’s often with the best intentions because people experience motherhood and they want to … Continue reading

The anti 'arranged marriage' author

Interview with Sushi Das — Author .

“As long as an arranged marriage was either being planned or taking place, the world was as it should be. My parents had it all sorted: I would finish my school studies; a respectable Indian boy, educated to a level … Continue reading

The kikki.K founder

Interview with Kristina Karlsson — Stationery founder.

“I started the business with very little training or business knowledge, but I’ve never been scared to ask the questions that lots of people might think are stupid. I don’t think a question is ever too stupid, because what I’ve … Continue reading

The indie rock chick

Interview with Adalita Srsen — singer and songwriter.

“Being asked to perform with Blondie and the Pretenders and then with Magic Dirt we did a lot of amazing supports very early well such as Sonic Youth.” Adalita Srsen.   Adalita Srsen has worked with some of the best: Paul … Continue reading

The body image warrior

Interview with Nicole Gibson — De-stigmatising mental illness.

“If they provide that choice for young people, it’s an empowered decision and not based on, “I don’t feel good enough but this brand has told me that in order to feel beautiful, I have to buy their product.” Nicole Gibson. … Continue reading

The homelessness fighter

Interview with Kathy Hilton — Ardoch Youth Foundation .

“I get more out of helping somebody I reckon than they do out of receiving it.” Kathy Hilton.   There’s a beautiful Talmud quote, “Every blade of grass has an angel that bends over it and whispers, “grow, grow.” After meeting … Continue reading

The physicist

Interview with Dr Cathy Foley — Leading Australian scientist .

“I suppose the motivation comes from realising that you eventually make changes and having had the recognition and seeing things I’ve set in place have a life of their own afterwards. ” Dr Cathy Foley.   Dr. Cathy Foley is the Chief … Continue reading