Chief Conductor Australian Ballet

Interview with Nicolette Fraillon — Chief Conductor and Musical Director - The Australian Ballet.

Nicolette Fraillon was just 12 when she set her sights on becoming a conductor. The only problem was all of her role models in the world’s orchestra pits were men. Fraillon’s dream profession was steeped in tradition and females were persona … Continue reading

The physicist

Interview with Dr Cathy Foley — Leading Australian scientist .

“I suppose the motivation comes from realising that you eventually make changes and having had the recognition and seeing things I’ve set in place have a life of their own afterwards. ” Dr Cathy Foley.   Dr. Cathy Foley is the Chief … Continue reading

The body image warrior

Interview with Chelsea Bonner — body image warrior.

“Often, because their photos were so heavily retouched I couldn’t recognise it was the same girl sitting across from me.” Chelsea Bonner. Relieved. That’s how I feel when introducing the stubborn, directional, thoroughly modern Chelsea Bonner. She’s the brains behind … Continue reading

The health care pioneer

Interview with Dr. Catherine Crock — health care pioneer.

“I’d never really stood up for anything before. I’m actually intrinsically very shy but I started to speak with some of the mothers. I sat down with the parents and said, ‘Please tell me how I can help.’ Dr Catherine Crock.   … Continue reading