Goals, the Master Coach

Dean Casamento NLP Practitioner and Master Coach.

Performance coach and personal trainer Dean Casamento is convinced all of us can achieve our goals.

Yes, we too can be like Ellen O’Neal, the greatest female freestyle skateboarder of the 70’s, well… our own version of Ellen at least.

For him it’s the process of asking ourselves the ‘right’ questions that lead to well-formed and achievable outcomes, which people can then commit to action.


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Here’s Dean’s list of questions to ask ourselves…


“What specifically do I want”?

The response must be stated in positive terms like,

“I want to exercise 5 days per week so I will have the energy to get me through everyday, verses “ I want to exercise 5 days per week so I don’t put on weight”.


“Where am I now?”

Right now, where are you now in respect to your outcome?


“What will I see, feel and hear when I commit to action and achieve my outcomes”

I always get my clients to state their action steps or goals, as if they have already achieved it.

Trust me, unconsciously it works.

At this step the clients either gets a strong picture, thought or feeling of the outcome. All three is best!


“How will I know when I have it?

Referring to the outcome or goal, this question directs my client’s attention to the evidence in achieving it.


“Where, when, how and with whom do I want to achieve this outcome?” 

This question ensures that the action steps are put in the right context, but may complement all other areas of life.


“What resources are needed?

I may ask the client what do they have now and what do they need to achieve the outcome and take action?


“For what purpose do I want this outcome”“ What will I gain or lose by having it?” –

This is the check on ecology, I always get my clients to consider all actions and the impact it will have on themselves, their families, their friends and their workplace.

The big winner when asking these types of questions is that they consistently direct their focus to what they want to achieve.

So when asked, how has their perception of their wanted outcome changed, by taking immediate action, they experience a heightened sense of confidence and clarity.

They in turn know which effective and well thought through action steps to take.


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