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“It was the early 70’s, during that time women’s liberation was a big deal.There was one girl’s place we used to gather at (because her parents were quite cool) we used to smoke dope then and listen to great music, I learnt a lot from them.” James Reyne.


News James Reyne will join Rod Stewart on his Australian ‘Hits” tour in 2015 is beyond exciting for fans.

The Australian rocker’s former band, Australian Crawl sold more than a million albums in the 80’s; and like Mr Stewart he was quite a hit with the ladies.



Martine Harte: James can you name a female who has influenced your life for the better?


James Reyne:  My mother, I think most blokes would say their mother.

She is a major influence in the sense that she is very bright and very well-educated. I was lucky that I grew up in a household where my parents were very strict about things like speaking properly: writing well, good manners, not being an idiot, being open-minded about reading, having an informed world view and being interested in music and the arts. She taught me to respect women.

I was also lucky that I was friends with a group of really strong girls in my so-called formative years, 15,16,17 years old. Most of them were a year older than me.

They were strong-willed girls, I went out with one of them but we were all really good friends. It was the early 70’s, during that time women’s liberation was a big deal.There was one girl’s place we used to gather at (because her parents were quite cool) we used to smoke dope then and listen to great music, I learnt a lot from them.


What was it about them that made you feel like that?


James Reyne: They were the smart girls who questioned things. I’m not saying I’m smart but I was a very questioning youth.


What about women in the public eye, who impressed you?


James Reyne: The first woman I met and feel like I became good friends with was an actress called Wendy Hughes.

She’s a fabulous, brilliant, funny, incredibly talented woman. I knew of her because I’m a big film buff and a great fan of films of the 70’s and then I got to work with her. I have to say this; in no way am I even close to any sort of level of what she can do but it was great meeting her and becoming friends.

In university I was very interested in theatre. I remember the actress Anna Marie Winchester. She came to do a play at one of the universities I was at, somehow I was the person she practiced her lines with in the dressing room. I was just completely and utterly smitten. (laughs)

It could never be sexual because she was so out of my reach. It was like whoa, you know? I was 18 or 19 and she was probably 28 or 30. She was just this goddess, so I guess it’s moments like that you remember.


Oh yeah, those delicious moments..


James Reyne: It is, women like that and Wendy are sexy because they’re strong.

I’ve always been drawn to women who are strong with great senses of humour, who don’t suffer fools and question authority.


What do you consider the most important thing women should know about men?


James Reyne: Most of them are idiots! There are a lot of fantastic guys out there, a lot of bright, funny, interesting men, but there are also a lot of total idiots as well. I think a lot of men are probably quite nervous, they are very shy about giving away too much of themselves. It really comes down to letting go and saying what they need.


Are you saying women should allow men to show their weaknesses?


James Reyne: I’ve noticed in the last few decades a blokey thing that’s developed in our culture. This “maaate” blokey thing.

A lot of men are confused; it’s a struggle to make ends meet, they can’t get their head above water – financially they might have struggles at home. They hide behind this whole, “mate, mate” thing.


You’ve also told me your grandmother had some progressive views on marriage?


James Reyne: Absolutely I remember her telling me that after 25 years if a married couple wanted to move on, they should be able to move on. She was born in 1898 or something.


So what is it about your partner Tina that caught your eye?


James Reyne: She wouldn’t want me talking about her …


Ok, I respect that. Do you have anything you have never shared publicly that you can tell us?


James Reyne: I’ve probably shared more just now publicly than I ever have.. (laughs)

Well, I’ve always been a huge fan of really old style choreographed musical shows, love all that sort of stuff. I could watch that all day, every day. I know all the songs, I love it. I love great dancing, I’m an old lovey really.

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