The anti-trafficking lawyer

Interview with Melissa Stewart — World Vision.

“One thing that has always struck me is this incredible resilience that children and people have. It’s why we call them survivors and not victims. They come from incredibly traumatic situations and they often times need to go through a … Continue reading

Charlie Pickering on women

Interview with Charlie Pickering

“The idea of inoculating kids with self-esteem is building a resistance to things like bullying and what I really see is the sign of the demons that come in their lonely moments on the internet, which really are like the … Continue reading

The world vision boss

Interview with Tim Costello — World Vision.

“Bruce Dawe an Australia poet speaks of the withheld self in men and I think fathers often feel that with their sons. Mothers seem more able to express their feelings and emotions. So I think it’s very, very important for … Continue reading

The male rocker

Interview with James Reyne — The singer/songwriter.

“It was the early 70’s, during that time women’s liberation was a big deal.There was one girl’s place we used to gather at (because her parents were quite cool) we used to smoke dope then and listen to great music, … Continue reading