The Foundation for Young Australians CEO

Interview with Jan Owen — CEO Foundation for Young Australians.

We think about jobs as a kind of jungle gym now, not a ladder. You need very different skills and capabilities to cope. Jan Owen, AM.   Jan Owen knows a thing or two about preparing our young people to thrive in the new … Continue reading

The Squarewave CEO

Interview with Jacinta Carboon

Society is missing out on the brain power and contribution of women. Everyone is too scared to really be disruptive. I think we need to be disruptive. Jacinta Carboon Squareweave CEO   Jacinta Carboon has been pushing gender equality for … Continue reading

Dame Quentin Bryce

Interview with Dame Quentin Bryce

Academic, lawyer, human rights advocate, university college principal, vice-regal representative in Queensland, and Australia and a grandmother… that’s just the start of Dame Quentin’s illustrious achievements. You’d be hard pressed to find an Australian who doesn’t hold a degree of affection … Continue reading

The cancer researcher

Interview with Dr Misty Jenkins — Cancer researcher.

“You decide the kind of person you want to be and the legacy you want to leave and how you want to live your life, you go out and make that happen. I love what I do; I love the … Continue reading

The Australian Women Donors Network CEO

Interview with Julie Reilly

“I use my voice is to really frame my message in hard economic terms, not necessarily coming purely from a moral standpoint that’s it’s the right thing to do, but it’s also the smart thing to do.” Julie Reilly, Australian … Continue reading

The tech entrepreneur

Interview with Cyan Ta'eed — Envato.

“It was only when I started saying ‘yes’ that things started happening. It was the wrong way around from what I’d imagined.” Cyan Ta’eed Telstra Victorian Business Woman of the Year.   Cyan Ta’eed co-founded super-successful digital goods company Envato from her … Continue reading

The Young Australian of the Year

Interview with Drisana Levitzke-Gray

“Growing up in the Deaf community with so many role models and so many people who inspire, I really always felt the answers were there.” Drisana Levitzke-Gray, Young Australian of the Year.   There’s a term you may or may not be … Continue reading

The music historian

Interview with Lorraine Milne

How many of us have heard of poet and suffragist Louisa Lawson? I’m guessing not nearly as many as the number of Australians who know a great deal about her famous author/poet son Henry Lawson. Truth is, many great Australian women like Louisa have gone … Continue reading

The World Cup Captain

Interview with Laura Geitz

“Be open to some criticism… Sometimes it’s just because someone sees a great skill that you probably don’t see at the time. Just try to be open to that.” Laura Geitz Australian Diamonds.   To say our community was thrilled when the … Continue reading

The Tourism Australia board member

Interview with Hayley Baillie

“The key is to do things in parallel: do two things at the same time and eventually one becomes stronger.” Hayley Baillie.   This week’s engaging woman Hayley Baillie isn’t shy of an adventure. She’s worked as a dive instructor with shark … Continue reading