The Young Australian of the Year

Interview with Drisana Levitzke-Gray

“Growing up in the Deaf community with so many role models and so many people who inspire, I really always felt the answers were there.” Drisana Levitzke-Gray, Young Australian of the Year.   There’s a term you may or may not be … Continue reading

The women's musician/historian

Interview with Lorraine Milne

How many of us have heard of poet and suffragist Louisa Lawson? I’m guessing not nearly as many as the number of Australians who know a great deal about her famous author/poet son Henry Lawson. Truth is, many great Australian women like Louisa have gone … Continue reading

The World Cup Captain

Interview with Laura Geitz

“Be open to some criticism… Sometimes it’s just because someone sees a great skill that you probably don’t see at the time. Just try to be open to that.” Laura Geitz Australian Diamonds.   To say our community was thrilled when the … Continue reading

The Tourism Australia board member

Interview with Hayley Baillie

“The key is to do things in parallel: do two things at the same time and eventually one becomes stronger.” Hayley Baillie.   This week’s engaging woman Hayley Baillie isn’t shy of an adventure. She’s worked as a dive instructor with shark … Continue reading

The muslim navy captain

Interview with Mona Shindy

“This current reality makes me even more determined to work for a world where we don’t look at things like religion, gender or any form of difference for that matter.” Telstra Business Woman of the Year – Captain Mona Shindy.   To … Continue reading

The University of Melbourne scientist

Interview with Professor Julie Bines — University of Melbourne, Murdoch Children's Research Institute.

“Think broadly, don’t be siloed within your own discipline; listen to what’s happening in the community.” Professor Julie Bines.   Australia’s brightest scientists have always smashed it out of the park in the fight against the deadly Rotavirus. Science icon Dr Ruth Bishop and her team … Continue reading

The principal dancer

Interview with Lucinda Dunn — The Australian Ballet.

“It was tough for sure, as the dancers were tearful, but I’m so fortunate to have so much respect, support and camaraderie at The Australian Ballet, plus I’ve spent more than half my life there so deciding to leave was always … Continue reading

The breast cancer researcher

Interview with Dr Kirsty Brown — Breast cancer researcher.

“It’s important to empower women with knowledge so that they can make informed decisions about their health. This knowledge can then also be passed on to the next generation and hopefully we can curb the occurrence of cancer in the future.” … Continue reading

The pioneer of modern dance

Interview with Dr Elizabeth Cameron Dalman OAM

“I knew I was breaking the boundaries but I knew I wasn’t alone.” Dr Elizabeth Cameron Dalman OAM.   From where I sit, the woman you’re about to meet should be one of our more well-known artistic icons. One day … Continue reading

The illustrator/designer

Interview with Beci Orpin

“At the time I didn’t know it, but it all formed to bring me to where I am now, everything was unrelated but absolutely related.” Beci Orpin.   Beci Orpin is a designer of considerable note with a fascinating back story: she spent her … Continue reading