The breast cancer researcher

Interview with Dr Kirsty Brown — Breast cancer researcher.

“It’s important to empower women with knowledge so that they can make informed decisions about their health. This knowledge can then also be passed on to the next generation and hopefully we can curb the occurrence of cancer in the future.” … Continue reading

The endurance runner

Interview with Samantha Gash

“All of us have the capacity to do whatever we want in life.” Samantha Gash.                         Samantha Gash doesn’t call herself a “natural athlete” yet she’s run the ‘4 Deserts Grand Slam’ 250 … Continue reading

The breast cancer researcher

Interview with Dr Kara Britt — Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre .

“I guess that’s alarming when we look at the changes in the trends that we’re having as a society in terms of childbearing. So globally we have less children. We are breastfeeding for a shorter period. And we tend to … Continue reading

The mother's day classic founder

Interview with Louise Davidson — Mother's Day Classic co-founder.

“I have to say we really started from a very naive place, I’d never been to a fun run, I don’t think most of the women working on our volunteer committee had been to a fun run and so we … Continue reading