Tom Goodwin’s observations make us realise the world is changing at mind-warping speed.

There’s nothing to fear, it’s a time of enormous possibility. Particularly when it comes to navigating our own careers.

“Leadership in the 21st century is much more about empowering networks and communities in organisations and bottom up rather than command and control management.”  

KPMG’s Head of People, Susan Ferrier.

Unlike any other time in history organisations are looking to develop talent and leadership from the bottom up. Word is, CEO’s and executive teams are just waiting for employees with those skills to step up.

A growing body of ‘leadership’ research plays into this blog’s philosophy of positivity, authenticity and integrity.

So what does this mean for women?

There are 19 people in Australia’s Cabinet, 17 are men, 2 are women. Female representation on boards has improved but it still a long way off. The latest percentage of women on boards of ASX 200 companies is 20.1%

We’ve got work to do!


1/ Modern leaders are far more likely to ‘influence’ if they infuse their leadership with positivity, authenticity and integrity. 

2/ Everyone has untapped potential. Leverage your strengths.

3/ Use your emotional intelligence. 

# Some experts suggest emotional intelligence – the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions – can be more important than IQ. So what is it?

About psychology expert Kendra Cherry suggests emotionally intelligent people possess.

1/ SELF-AWARENESS – It’s not just recognising your emotions, it’s being aware of the effect of your actions, moods and emotions on others.

Self-aware people recognise the relationship between the things they feel and how they behave. They can recognise their own strengths and limitations.

These people have good sense of humour, confidence and are aware of how other people perceive them.

Serial posters, who promote their businesses and selfies across social media platforms are not self-aware.

2/ SELF-REGULATION – The ability to regulate and manage your own emotions. Waiting for the right time and place to express yourself as opposed to losing your mind in the bosses office.

These people are highly conscientious, thoughtful and take responsibility for their own actions.

3/ SOCIAL SKILLS – You not only need to possess these qualities, you need to be able to put them to work.

People who interact well: listen, have good verbal and non verbal communication skills, lead and persuade.

4/ EMPATHY – The big daddy, the ability to understand others. It’s not just about recognising your colleague is hurt, frustrated, angry it’s about your response in this situation.

5/ MOTIVATION – Intrinsic motivation. People who are emotionally intelligent are motivated by things beyond money, recognition and acclaim.

They have a passion to fulfill their inner needs and goals, they seek to experience flow.

Have you ever been totally in tune with a task and noticed how much you achieved?


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