The cancer researcher

Interview with Dr Misty Jenkins — Cancer researcher.

“You decide the kind of person you want to be and the legacy you want to leave and how you want to live your life, you go out and make that happen. I love what I do; I love the … Continue reading

The University of Melbourne scientist

Interview with Professor Julie Bines — University of Melbourne, Murdoch Children's Research Institute.

“Think broadly, don’t be siloed within your own discipline; listen to what’s happening in the community.” Professor Julie Bines.   Australia’s brightest scientists have always smashed it out of the park in the fight against the deadly Rotavirus. Science icon Dr Ruth Bishop and her team … Continue reading

The physicist

Interview with Dr Cathy Foley — Leading Australian scientist .

“I suppose the motivation comes from realising that you eventually make changes and having had the recognition and seeing things I’ve set in place have a life of their own afterwards. ” Dr Cathy Foley.   Dr. Cathy Foley is the Chief … Continue reading

The astrophysicist

Interview with Dr Tamara Davis — Astrophysicist .

“I feel like my life has been blessed because I’ve almost never encountered any situation in which I’ve had limited options because of my gender.” Dr Tamara Davis. Can you imagine being forced to lie about your marriage and living … Continue reading