VIDEO chat how to propel opportunity

Interview with Sara James

I think one of the things I’ve always remembered is the old, ‘If there’s not a door, there’s a window.’ Sara James Emmy award correspondent.   Sara James is an author, Emmy-award winning journalist and commentator who covers Australasia for … Continue reading

The Respect Victoria CEO

Interview with Tracey Gaudry

Changing the attitudes and behaviours that drive family violence is a challenge of a lifetime. Tracey Gaudry, CEO Respect Victoria.   Tracey Gaudry, CEO of the state’s first organisation focused on primary prevention of family violence, has impressive runs on … Continue reading


I’m just coming down from the high of witnessing today’s NAB AFLW official season launch. Watching business woman Susan Alberti grace the stage with eight fine athletes and a shiny women’s premiership cup is something I doubt I’ll ever forget. Love the game … Continue reading

The young leader

Interview with Holly Ransom

“The few things you are afraid of, you’ve just built up a perception of it, it’s entirely a mental game.” Holly Ransom.   At the time of writing, Holly Ransom’s last tweet reads: “fitness friends, I need to pick up a wetsuit … Continue reading


WHY SPONSORS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN MENTORS: There’s a buzz surrounding women finding our own ‘engagement strategy.’ It involves enlisting a sponsor, someone who is going to advocate on our behalf and actively advance our careers. While mentors are a fantastic resource throughout our professional … Continue reading