The Brookfield Director

Interview with Sharon Warburton — Brookfield Multiplex executive director.

“You don’t get offered Non-Executive director every day of the week so it was more a case of, ‘this is what I want to do, now let me work out how on earth we are going to make this work.” … Continue reading

The muslim navy captain

Interview with Mona Shindy

“This current reality makes me even more determined to work for a world where we don’t look at things like religion, gender or any form of difference for that matter.” Telstra Business Woman of the Year – Captain Mona Shindy.   To … Continue reading

The cutting-edge marketer

Interview with Cara Cunningham — BPM .

“It’s about rewarding their intelligence, having an eye-to-eye conversation with our customers and making them feel valued.” Cara Cunningham, BPM.   Many of us have great business ideas, yet we often lack the marketing nous to take it to the next level. … Continue reading

Lessons from Uluru

For someone who has torn pages from magazines on inspiring women since she was a kid, an invite to spend four days with 100 passionate Business chicks in Uluru was a no-brainer. From the time we touched down in the sacred land … Continue reading

Insights from the top business women in Australia

Interview with Samantha Kourtis — Managing Partner Capital Chemist Group.

Many of us don’t feel comfortable flying our own flags. Well, if there’s one thing I discovered after interviewing Australia’s rock star, successful business women it’s that they are comfortable speaking about their achievements. They own it. It is something they have generally perfected … Continue reading

The Telstra business woman of the year

Interview with Anne Cross — UnitingCare QLD CEO.

“At 16 I thought you could change the world, I actually went off to uni and studied science. Whilst I was there I started to meet people who were working in other areas so I swapped into social sciences. I … Continue reading

The media agent

Interview with Virginia Hyland — HM Communications.

“That’s the trick with digital now you can’t just put beautiful work out there you have to be able to measure it and give tangible results to clients.” Virginia Hyland.   Time to hear from someone who backed herself and … Continue reading