Chief Conductor Australian Ballet

Interview with Nicolette Fraillon — Chief Conductor and Musical Director - The Australian Ballet.

Nicolette Fraillon was just 12 when she set her sights on becoming a conductor. The only problem was all of her role models in the world’s orchestra pits were men. Fraillon’s dream profession was steeped in tradition and females were persona … Continue reading

The singer/abc host

Interview with Clare Bowditch — Musician, Big Hearted Business.

“Balance is never handed to us on a plate, it’s really, simply a matter of finding your own internal place of rest in between all the busyness.” Clare Bowditch.   Clare Bowditch is a businesswoman, mum-of-three, musician, song writer, appears on the Australian … Continue reading


Interview with Bee Czarnota

BEE’S Bee Czarnota, stylist. Bee Czarnota’s home in Bayside Melbourne tells the story of visual inventiveness. With three males in the house she carefully meshes her feminity with a touch of boy edge. It comes into play as soon as you walk through the front door. … Continue reading