The queen of pop

Interview with Colleen Hewett

“The great thing is all the downs make the ups so much brighter and so much fresher again. The potholes are great, I appreciate them in hindsight.”  Colleen Hewett, Queen of Pop.   Colleen Hewett has nailed the ‘longevity’ thing. Loved … Continue reading


Jane Caro said something very powerful at an International Women’s Day event this week.   “Stop thinking you’re fabulous. You’re not. You are ordinary people, just as we are ordinary people. The extraordinary pressure on women to be ‘fabulous’ isn’t helping.  Just … Continue reading

14 women too many

The Disney version of family life rarely cuts it. Truth is relationships are hard at the best of times. At worst: they are toxic. 14 women have been killed this year by their partners or husbands. It is February 22nd. … Continue reading

The single mothers advocate

Interview with Terese Edwards — National Council of Single Mothers and their Children.

“I deal with women who are hiding; they are fleeing, child support is paid partially, sporadic or not at all. There’s little money for education so there is just that sense of being stuck.” Terese Edwards. Single mums are fortunate … Continue reading