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Marion Potts

Just heard one of our Engaging Women, Malthouse Theatre Artistic Director Marion Potts is leaving Malthouse this March for a prestigious role of Director of Theatre at the Australia Council for the Arts.

Under her guidance the theatre has performed to more than 200,000, presented 19 world premieres and employed nearly 400 artists.

Not bad work!

‘Malthouse Theatre will always be part of who I am, and the values, skills and thinking that I take to my new position have grown under the roof of this great building,’ she said.

‘I am indebted to all the artists, colleagues and audience members who make the greater ‘Project Malthouse’ so worthwhile – not to mention fun.’

Must say, I was chuffed to interview Marion for our E women series last year.

She inspired readers in many ways but it was her outlook on extending ourselves beyond our comfort zones which struck a chord with many,

“The world for a lot of women is outside their comfort zone, so it’s about developing that capacity to believe in oneself and to back oneself and take the sort of gambles that people do and not be afraid of failing I guess.”

Marion’s final day with the Malthouse Theatre is 31 March. Following this, the company’s Associate Artist (Directing) Matthew Lutton will step into the role of Acting Artistic Director.

Chookas Marion!

Check out the full interview by popping over here 

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