Candidate for CEDAW

Interview with Natasha Stott Despoja AO

The difficulty of being a leader of a political party on a national level, being the most experienced person in the room (at one stage having served the longest) being the youngest and being female which meant that I still … Continue reading


Jane Caro said something very powerful at an International Women’s Day event this week.   “Stop thinking you’re fabulous. You’re not. You are ordinary people, just as we are ordinary people. The extraordinary pressure on women to be ‘fabulous’ isn’t helping.  Just … Continue reading

The anti 'arranged marriage' author

Interview with Sushi Das — Author .

“As long as an arranged marriage was either being planned or taking place, the world was as it should be. My parents had it all sorted: I would finish my school studies; a respectable Indian boy, educated to a level … Continue reading