The Respect Victoria CEO

Interview with Tracey Gaudry

Changing the attitudes and behaviours that drive family violence is a challenge of a lifetime. Tracey Gaudry, CEO Respect Victoria.   Tracey Gaudry, CEO of the state’s first organisation focused on primary prevention of family violence, has impressive runs on … Continue reading


Until now, most of the focus and funding for family violence in Victoria has been on the response. Response is obviously critical, but as we all know, family violence will not stop without more resources dedicated to stopping it ‘before’ … Continue reading


27. 27 women have died at the hands of their intimate partner so far this year, we are only six months through.   It pains me. There are many good people working very hard to address the issue and policy reform … Continue reading


Jane Caro said something very powerful at an International Women’s Day event this week.   “Stop thinking you’re fabulous. You’re not. You are ordinary people, just as we are ordinary people. The extraordinary pressure on women to be ‘fabulous’ isn’t helping.  Just … Continue reading