The tech exec

Interview with Karen Stocks

As managing director of Twitter Australia, Karen Stocks is used to talking in 140 characters or less. I convinced her to say a little more. Here, she shares what it’s like to work for the social media juggernaut and how … Continue reading

The pro vice chancellor

Interview with Catherine O'Sullivan — Harvard Kennedy Women's Leadership Board.

“The fact I’m jetting off to Harvard because I’ve been invited to join the Harvard Kennedy Women’s Leadership Board – in my wildest dreams would never, ever have happened – but it has happened because I reached out.” Catherine O’Sullivan. … Continue reading

The Heat Group CEO

Interview with Gillian Franklin — The Heat Group.

“It wasn’t about wanting to be a general manager it was more basic than that, I’d witnessed first-hand the challenges women have trying to work and have a family and I really have enormous empathy and respect for the women … Continue reading