The Brookfield Director

Interview with Sharon Warburton — Brookfield Multiplex executive director.

“You don’t get offered Non-Executive director every day of the week so it was more a case of, ‘this is what I want to do, now let me work out how on earth we are going to make this work.” … Continue reading

Insights from the top business women in Australia

Interview with Samantha Kourtis — Managing Partner Capital Chemist Group.

Many of us don’t feel comfortable flying our own flags. Well, if there’s one thing I discovered after interviewing Australia’s rock star, successful business women it’s that they are comfortable speaking about their achievements. They own it. It is something they have generally perfected … Continue reading

The media agent

Interview with Virginia Hyland — HM Communications.

“That’s the trick with digital now you can’t just put beautiful work out there you have to be able to measure it and give tangible results to clients.” Virginia Hyland.   Time to hear from someone who backed herself and … Continue reading

The Heat Group CEO

Interview with Gillian Franklin — The Heat Group.

“It wasn’t about wanting to be a general manager it was more basic than that, I’d witnessed first-hand the challenges women have trying to work and have a family and I really have enormous empathy and respect for the women … Continue reading

Start before you're ready

Interview with Jodie Fox — Entrepreneur.

What I love most about bringing these chats to you each week is that every person takes us on a journey I rarely expect. This weeks Engaging gal Jodie Fox is the co-founder of a multi million dollar global enterprise Shoes … Continue reading

The kikki.K founder

Interview with Kristina Karlsson — Stationery founder.

“I started the business with very little training or business knowledge, but I’ve never been scared to ask the questions that lots of people might think are stupid. I don’t think a question is ever too stupid, because what I’ve … Continue reading

Business story - Kikki.K

Interview with Kristina Karlsson

So we’ve heard how kikki.K founder Kristina Karlsson manifested her passions but what about the business nitty-gritty? How did she and her husband Paul (now CEO) turn that 3am idea into a company which has an annual revenue estimated at … Continue reading