Body - become your own trainer

Interview with Dean Casamento — NLP Practitioner and Master Coach .

It isn’t just all about the girls around here. Engaging Women also features advice from trusted experts like Dean Casamento. Dean has been working in women’s health and fitness and corporate health for the past fifteen years. He is a … Continue reading

Mind - easing stress through diet

Interview with Meg Thompson

Anxiety, stress, general unpleasant tension – most of us have experienced these feelings and would like to avoid them, or at least learn to manage them. That’s why I’m delighted to introduce Meg Thompson to Engaging Women readers. She’s a qualified … Continue reading

The raw beauty queen

Interview with Kemi Nekvapil

“I’d been eating a lot of raw food myself and just started to feel amazing. Amazing as a woman and kind of looking around and wondering ‘why aren’t we being told that actually as a woman you can feel great … Continue reading