Letter from Quentin Bryce to her teenage self

Quentin Bryce

The former Governor General joined other prominent Australian women as part of the ‘Because I’m A Girl’ campaign.

A worthy, shareable initiative which deserves all our support.



The Honourable Quentin Bryce AD, CVO

To my teenage self,


Teenage years: those times of transition from girlhood to womanhood are enormously influential and important in our development as human beings.  I look back on mine with gratitude to my parents who gave the highest priority to their daughters’ education; not a common thing in those days. Looking back, memories are suffused with happiness and a sense of adventure but always carrying a deep shyness.

The advice I would give myself is about confidence – about the confidence to speak up, to ask questions, to stand in the front without feeling awkward, even embarrassed.  I belonged to a generation of ‘dutiful daughters’ brought up to speak when spoken to and never to ‘show off’.  Skiting was about the worst thing you could do!  I always go out of my way to stretch out my hand in friendship and encouragement to girls I see standing quietly in the backgrounds.  I say to them: be bold.  Have a go.  Believe in yourself.  Volunteer.  Stand tall and proud.

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