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Forget the guess-work, here are some great holiday reads thanks to this guest post by freelance writer and founder of Emma Perry.

My holiday reads

With a lovely stretch of long, lazy days piling up in front of me my TBR (to be read) grows bigger and bigger.

Ok, so in reality…

… it’s more like snatches of time in between the million and one other jobs I need to do, but, hey, reading feels so indulgently good I snap up those moments when I can.

These are the books are my TBR list at the moment …

I have to start with I Am Malala which, to be honest, is more on my am reading list.

Malala made headlines around the world when, on 9th October 2012 aged just fifteen, she was shot in the face by the Taliban … and survived. This memoir charts her amazing story. I had to delve in, and discover more about her for myself.

Supported by her father, Malala wrote an anonymous blog for the BBC Urdu service. She used her voice to stand up for the right of girls to an education.

‘I began to see that the pen and words from it can be much more powerful than machine guns, tanks or helicopters.’


Malala’s style of writing is very engaging and incredibly informative. Her story is incredibly humbling and powerful – you simply must read it.

In the days of emails and text messages (which I love for sheer convenience), I am definitely drawn to Yours Truly: Women of Letters. Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire have asked some intriguingly diverse voices to put pen to paper.

The result is a wonderfully eclectic mix of, yes, letters written by some great voices. This is the third collection in this highly acclaimed series featuring voices such as Andy Griffiths, Toni Jordan, Frank Woodley and Annabel Crabb. Yep, they’ve even allowed a few men to sneak in too.


Dip in and out, or read from start to finish, the topics promise to be funny, beautiful, and entertaining. Long live the letter!


 Deranged Marriage by Age journalist Sushi Das promises to be an invigorating read. Set in 1970’s London, in an Indian household, Sushi tells her memoir in her own unique voice. Now this was a time of much cultural change, both inside and outside the Das household. Eventually Sushi makes the move to Melbourne, where she is confronted by more cultural challenges.

Intrigued? I am!

Over to you … what’s on your TBR pile this summer?


Emma Perry

Emma Perry is a teacher, book lover, and freelance writer. For a great excuse to indulge in yet more books she founded featuring the best in children’s literature. Oh, and she gets to chat to some pretty awesome authors too. also showcases the much talked about online book price comparison – saving you money.

Martine: Much appreciated Emma, love My Book Corner and plan to publish an interview with author Sushi Das when I’m back from holidays. Her story is fascinating, capital F! Martine


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