Journalists are not the story but sometimes one story can change our path. Before starting this website I worked as a news reporter. For more than a decade I interviewed fascinating people: Orlando Bloom, Liv Tyler, Pierce Brosnan, Ian Thorpe, Olivia Newton John, Prime … Continue reading


Rosie Batty has been named Australian of the Year and although I wish she didn’t have to receive an award for her tireless advocacy to raise awareness for domestic violence victims I’m so glad she did. It is painfully obvious … Continue reading


 Dad (Alan Griffiths), my sis and me with former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam I grew up in a home where Gough Whitlam loomed large. His education policies allowed my dad to study Law and Economics at University; the first in his … Continue reading

The anti-trafficking lawyer

Interview with Melissa Stewart — World Vision.

“One thing that has always struck me is this incredible resilience that children and people have. It’s why we call them survivors and not victims. They come from incredibly traumatic situations and they often times need to go through a … Continue reading

The anti 'arranged marriage' author

Interview with Sushi Das — Author .

“As long as an arranged marriage was either being planned or taking place, the world was as it should be. My parents had it all sorted: I would finish my school studies; a respectable Indian boy, educated to a level … Continue reading


As the world comes to terms with the loss of the great Nelson Mandela many stories will emerge of how he touched average people’s lives. From every corner of the globe people are recalling his attributes; grace, dignity, the ability … Continue reading

The St Kilda Mums

Interview with St Kilda Mums

“The volunteers seem to get as much out of it as the families. The simple act of giving has an incredible flow-on effect. These girls are determined to get the job done.” St Kilda Mums.   Thanks to the good people … Continue reading

The homelessness fighter

Interview with Kathy Hilton — Ardoch Youth Foundation .

“I get more out of helping somebody I reckon than they do out of receiving it.” Kathy Hilton.   There’s a beautiful Talmud quote, “Every blade of grass has an angel that bends over it and whispers, “grow, grow.” After meeting … Continue reading

The single mothers advocate

Interview with Terese Edwards — National Council of Single Mothers and their Children.

“I deal with women who are hiding; they are fleeing, child support is paid partially, sporadic or not at all. There’s little money for education so there is just that sense of being stuck.” Terese Edwards. Single mums are fortunate … Continue reading