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I’m a journalist, MC, speaker, digital publisher and mum who believes life is better when we spark change for good.

After tearing pages featuring inspiring women from magazines since I was a little girl; creating a site to celebrate and inspire women was a no-brainer.

I’m fascinated in the role of storytelling and believe we can live well by hearing from people who know a thing or two about life.

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What I write about?

Through one-on-one interviews I share motivations, life learnings and unlock tips from some of the most accomplished people in their fields here, feature creative, soulful homes here, and pass on information to help other women elevate their own voice here.

It is all original content sourced through one-on-one interviews.

Engaging Women was lucky to be featured in The Age Spectrum magazine, in April 2016. “The Good Life” by one of Australia’s most experienced writers, Lawrence Money.


“Harte seems an ideal general for this growing female army.  She earned her stripes in a highly competitive industry then had no qualms about leaving it to embrace the role of mother to three children – her “trifecta”, as she calls them. “We have so many chapters in our life,” she says, “not just women, men too. Nothing’s over when you are 40, 50, 60, 70. We can all reinvent.”


We have also just been added to The National Library of Australia’s archives. A terrific honour.

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The Engaging Voices platform

Engaging Voices is a bespoke speakers bureau where we come to your work place or to your event.

Topics include: women in leadership and wellness.

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The Ambassadors for Good program

A community of passionate people across Australia who are sparking change for good.

We raise money for women and children in crisis by holding events such as movie nights.

We know that giving back and living a life of purpose is the way to go.

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Congrats to VCE student, Amy Machell, who recently one a unique work from the talented, passionate Melbourne ‘quilling’ artist Justine Kuran.




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