It’s hard to believe TED was supposed to be a one-off conference on technology, entertainment and design.
The rich tapestry of storytelling and change-making ideas has influenced lives around the world.
The compiled this list of  5 must-hear TED Talks which will change the way we work.

Sheryl Sandberg – Why we have too few women leaders


One of the best known and most popular TED Talks online, the Facebook COO and best-selling author’s dissection of gender inequality at the top levels of business has been watched over five million times. A powerful call to action from one of the technology industry’s most prominent role models.


Susan Cain – The power of introverts


A fascinating look at the world of the introverted leader, a concept further explored in Cain’s excellent book, Quiet. Turning the timid, antisocial introverted stereotype on its head, Cain explains the unique skills that the introverted among us bring to the table and discusses the barriers we might face in a workplace designed for the extrovert.


Vernā Myers – How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them


An honest exploration of how bias affects everything we do, and why we can’t carry on and pretend it doesn’t exist. Myers asks some important questions about the subconscious beliefs that many of us hold and urges everyone to face them head on. A frank, passionate take on a very important issue – as relevant to the working world as it is to our everyday lives.


Susan Colantuono – The career advice you probably didn’t get


If you feel like you’re stuck in a career rut, this one’s for you. Colantuono addresses the question of why so many women make it to middle management, but not to the top levels of the business, offering her advice on how to differentiate yourself and make that final step.


Anne-Marie Slaughter – Can we all “have it all”?


Anne-Marie Slaughter takes a fresh look at this ubiquitous question, asking whether the work/life balance is really just a women’s issue. Drawing on her personal experience of working in the US government, Slaughter shares the story of how the decided to reassess the “feminist narrative” she grew up with.


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