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For centuries, Yogis have talked up the benefits of meditation for a more pleasurable life experience.

In 2016, the gurus are well and truly backed up by latest science.

Research continues to reveal how a heightened state of consciousness resulting from meditation impacts our brains, bodies and resilience.

Meditation improves our mood, our response to stress and, over time, alters the structure of the brain for the better.

Which is why I’m reminding myself and you guys to get our ‘Om’ on…





Why don’t you commit to 2 minutes and see how that works for you?

If you’re still not sold, consider this..

Pain researchers have demonstrated the effects of mindfulness-based interventions for chronic and acute pain.

Yes, you read correctly, meditation helps reduce pain.

If you are keen to see the fancy PDF version of the study tap here

“Recent studies of healthy long-term meditation practitioners suggest the extensive mental training can in result in thickening of cortical regions association with pain processing…”

And it gets better – the more you meditate the greater your immune function will be.

It also has even proven to increase activity in the left-sided frontal brain activity, aka our pleasure centre.




To my mind anything which enhances positive emotions and mood, and appears to make people less vulnerable to stress and our imperfect lives is worth exploring.

Research shows meditators have reduced activity in the amygdala – a region implicated in response to threat. It is actually more difficult for them to become anxious or distressed.

A team at University of Sydney is investigating the effects of meditation on brain and body function during emotional provocation, such as viewing disturbing photographic images.

It’s fascinating stuff, and I’ll be sure to pass on the findings.

I shared a similar post to this ‘How to create inner calm” over here.




Creating a space to meditate or to simply remind you to ‘tune in’ can help.

When we visited Aspendale artist Maria Flores I loved how her family celebrates every day.

They light candles, bring new flowers, or shells, collect their thoughts or release something they don’t need anymore.

Her little girls join in and have their own offerings in their bedrooms.

imageAspendade artist Maria Flores from Say Hola, uses candles and incense as a reminder to take time for herself.

Pics thanks so much to Tania Savage Photography.

imageOur latest featured creative the lovely Beaumaris Artist Letitia Green employs the power of nature to inspire and connect her to what matters in life.

See the memorable home of Beaumaris Artist Letitia Green here

imageI’ll leave you with a fascinating mindfulness talk thanks to the great folks over at TED….

American Buddhist monk Kelsang Jampa is here to take us through a guided meditation,

Namaste friends….


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