What a 60-year-old swimwear model looks like

Online retailer The Dreslyn has proven what we already know in our hearts, real beauty has no expiry date.

60-year-old Yazemeenah Rossi is the model of choice for its latest swimwear campaign.

She epitomises our community’s belief that you can reinvent no matter what your age and stage.

Her bio includes: artist, actress, model, grandma and photographer.

The best part? She got her big break when she was 45.

Yasemeenah Rossi

Founder and CEO Brooke Taylor Corcia says it’s about, “honouring authenticity, confidence and self-awareness.

This campaign should be applauded and I can’t wait for the day this is the norm not the exception.

Let’s celebrate all shapes, sizes, imperfections – the whole kit and caboodle!





Many readers embraced my interview with the founder of diverse model agency Bella. It was excellent to see her featured on Australian Story last week.

Whiz over on this link if you want to hear from Chelsea Bonner again.


Chelsea Bonner


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