Navigating the digital workplace in Australia during Covid 19

Engaging women consulting leadership coaching during the Corona Virus pandemic

“Covid-19 has plunged us into an enormous working from home experiment.

It should be an opportunity to shine and humanise us all, but many Australians are already reporting fatigue and overwhelm.

Our zoom survival sessions are designed to help ease any zoom gloom.”


Videoconferencing and working from home has unique challenges when it comes to best communication.

We were thrown into the deep end because of a pandemic but most people are unaware there are simple strategies to make life much easier and alleviate stress.

Zoom, Microsoft teams or other teleconferencing platforms require a different communication tool kit to than the face-to-face interactions we are used to.

The good news is, it doesn’t take much to adapt.


Join one of our skilled communication experts to level up your comms skills in the post covid world.

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