Journalists are not the story but sometimes one story can change our path.

Before starting this website I worked as a news reporter.

For more than a decade I interviewed fascinating people: Orlando Bloom, Liv Tyler, Pierce Brosnan, Ian Thorpe, Olivia Newton John, Prime Ministers and many, many crooks.

In 2005, my boss at Network Ten Dermot O’Brien sent me to cover the Schapelle Corby trial in Bali.

From the time I stepped off that plane I knew this was going to be unlike anything I’d encountered (primarily because I was escorted into an interview room and a customs officer tried to extort money) … you get that in Indonesia.

On April 17, 2005 the media pack was outside a Balinese hospital waiting for word on Schapelle after she collapsed in court.

Our phones started ringing at the same time.

“Nine Australians have been arrested at Bali airport, it’s your lead story. Get your backside to the airport,” my chief-of-staff ordered.

That night Network Ten received exclusive footage of the Bali 9 with heroin strapped to their bodies in a KFC carpark at 4am. We broke the story to the nation.

It weighed heavily on me then, and with the pair’s imminent execution my heart goes out to the families and the two rehabilitated men.

Hear the full story on Hinch Live broadcaster Derryn Hinchs’ new show on SKY.




Image: Martine Harte Bali 9 interviewed by Derryn Hinch on Sky News LIve

Martine Harte on www.engagingwomen.com.au


Was lovely to meet ABC Radio National Drive program host Patricia Karvelas and my former TEN colleague Paul Bongiorno crossed live out of Canberra.

Natasha Chadwick also did a great job on her debut social media segment.

Mignon Stewart (ex ABC Australia Network and Network TEN) is also a regular panelist. Thanks to Derryn for the opportunity.

Thanks to everybody who wrote on E Women’s Facebook page, appreciate it very much!


Angela Walsh-Edgar Interesting to hear your thoughts and perspective after all these years. Tough job being a reporter and no doubt the ethical dilemma faced on a daily basis remain a big part of your work.


 Jo Lajbcygier Wow Martine HarteI didn’t know you had a pivotal in reporting the Bali 9 story! Memories must be resurfacing with their impending death penalty .. I think it’s awful.! … Great interview, thanks for sharing it!
HINCH Live Great having you on the program. It was a chilling reminder of what went down on the day the #Bali9 got sprung. Will also make a lot of people realise what they’ve been missing since you left the small screen. Let’s make a habit of it! DH



Natalie Durkin No dilemma Martine. You were doing your job, brilliantly, I will add.


 Dannielle Miller What an incredibly interesting interview Martine Harte! You are really such an impressive woman. I’m thrilled we shall see more of you!
Speaking of which, “Gratitude” is on shelf Feb 16th so let’s do an interview on it when you have time ( you did ask me to prompt you) x


 Rhonda Yin Very good Martine, you handled it really well.


Kate O’Neil McIntyre Martine you were fabulous! Congrats!!!! Xx


Danielle D’Aloia Nicholson You were great Marty! So calm and composed. Well done


Cindy Shacklock Fab to watch. You should be proud!


Elina Reddy So proud of you Martine!!!! You were terrific!!!


Natasha Chadwick Martine, I thought you were wonderful on the show last night and I thank you for your advice and words of encouragement behind the scenes leading into my debut. It’s clear to see why you won a Gold Quill Award for your coverage of the Bali Nine arrest...


Pauline Walker That was great. I think we forget that journalists are faced with moral and ethical issues when it comes to stories as emotional as these. Even ten years on.


Changwei Dean It’s like you never left. So glad I got to watch it!


Roby Ryan Watched it last night. You were fantastic!


Virginia Woodger You were amazing Martine! We were glued to the TV. Looking forward to more!


Shirley Griffiths You were amazing Martine. xx


Natalie Hutchins Well done Martine – tough topic; great to hear your side of those events. You are honest & heartfelt


Florinda Sederino An intelligent and strong women. Can’t wait for more!

Sarah Fox Engrossing stuff.

Larissa Nelsky You were fab Martine!


Leah Brown Agree Changwei. A natural indeed !!


Michelle Bourke Great interview…well done
Kate Baxter Great work Mart. X