Pink bun campaign banned by Facebook

Do these images of real women who have survived Breast cancer offend you?

Are they sexualised, violent or discriminatory?

The answer from most sound-minded people would most certainly be ‘no.’

Yet, just weeks after the world reeled from the Christchurch attacks, where horrendous footage was live streamed via the platform, Facebook has banned these images.


Because they “violated the platform’s nudity policy.”

The Breast Cancer Network of Australia (BCNA), in partnership with Bakers Delight, launched its annual Pink Bun Campaign yesterday to raise awareness and money for charity.

These images of ten topless breast cancer survivors holding cupcakes to their chests to “raise vital funds to continue our work supporting all Australians affected by breast cancer” are joyful and real.

Facebook, however, removed some of the advertisements from the social media platform because the images violated a policy it has for user content.

“We certainly understand that the ads are promoting awareness for breast cancer, however the images associated with the ad are in violation of our policies for partial nudity,” an email sent to the BCNA from a Facebook employee said.

“We will uphold the disable here until the ads can be modified for compliance.”

We think the decision to ban authentic, inspiring images of survivors is deeply frustrating.

It is also disempowering to those undergoing treatment and their families.

These humans are warriors and warriors are not air-brushed into perfection. They are unique.

More of it we say!

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