About the Engaging Women platform

About Engaging Women.

Engaging women elevates the voices of Australian women and girls through publishing, mentorship and advocacy.

We share insights and wisdom from some of the most accomplished people in the nation.

It’s a site of trusted content, community, inspiration, and a video series.

The National Library of Australia recently selected this site to be enjoyed by readers across the nation citing its cultural value.

“We don’t collect every Australian website but select with an eye for content… The Library aspires to enable Australians to understand their diverse social, cultural and intellectual histories by collecting and preserving Australian publications and unpublished collections—in print and digital forms—so that they can be enjoyed by current and future generations.”

National Library of Australia.


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Who started it?


Martine Harte Emcee for Hagar Lunch to Liberate 2016 – Photo – Paul Muir

Martine Harte, a women’s advocate who was awarded a prestigious Gold Quill Award for excellence in journalism, a Logie award nomination and most recently appeared as a social commentator on SKY news Australia.

Martine was on-air for more than a decade as a television journalist interviewing some of the world’s most famous faces.

She is a dedicated advocate of elevating the voices of women in the public arena and connecting women with purpose.


This platform was founded on the notion that we can all spark change for good. Engaging Women is committed to its social purpose.

Engaging Women’s not-for-profit ‘Ambassadors for Good Program’  supports women and children in crisis and elevates the voices of purpose driven women.


Engaging Women Featured in Fairfax, The Age Newspaper magazine, April 2016 ‘The Good Life.’

Martine has been named an influencer by top ASX companies.


Our Ambassadors for Good are passionate women across Australia who get their colleagues and friends together and hold an event to assist women and children in need, particularly surrounding our nation’s domestic violence epidemic. Picture from human rights activist and business coach Naomi Arnold’s event in QLD.

Find out more about our Ambassador program here

In 2015, Engaging Women won a White Ribbon Foundation award.

Our community rallied, nearly 200 people came to watch ‘Trainwreck’ at the Lido cinema raising thousands of dollars along the way. Tap here to see more pics

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Find out more about our Ambassador program here

Kind words from a reader sum it up:

“Engaging Women is a space of beauty, inspiration, wardrobe/house peeking & girl cheerleading. It’s also about tough issues like Family Violence so therefore it’s also about hope.”

About Martine Harte

Martine Harte is founder of Engaging Women, a platform for social good.
She is a dedicated voice in the advancement of women & girls. Contact martine@engagingwomen.com.au.

Learn more about her here and connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.


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