Learning to live without my mum

Interview with Candice Wyatt

Candice Wyatt has many reasons to smile, she’s co-anchor of Melbourne’s Eyewitness News and has met the love of her life Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell. It’s hard to imagine that just three years ago, she watched her mother draw her last breath… … Continue reading

How to create inner calm

Don’t know about you but I need all the help I can get when it comes to performing in high pressure situations. That’s why I needed to share this research surrounding the Vagus nerve with all of you good things. What is the … Continue reading

The naturopath

Interview with Meg Thompson — Naturopath and Holistic Nutritionist .

“Your gut health is the centre of the rest of our health, it is basically our second brain. 80% of our immune system resides in our gut. It’s really important to keep our guts happy; the little microbes, our gut bacteria … Continue reading

Lessons from Uluru

For someone who has torn pages from magazines on inspiring women since she was a kid, an invite to spend four days with 100 passionate Business chicks in Uluru was a no-brainer. From the time we touched down in the sacred land … Continue reading

Community, collaborating

Interview with Louise Davidson

“I have to say we really started from a very naive place, I’d never been to a fun run, I don’t think most of the women working on our volunteer committee had been to a fun run and so we had … Continue reading

Yoga, your desk

Interview with Fiona Patterson

Yoga at your desk… sounds good in theory but rolling out the mat, burning the incense and downward dogging in front of colleagues isn’t ideal. Enter Fiona Patterson… a Melbourne yoga, tai-chi and qigong instructor who passionately advocates yoga and guided relaxations … Continue reading

Goals, the Master Coach

Interview with Dean Casamento — NLP Practitioner and Master Coach.

Performance coach and personal trainer Dean Casamento is convinced all of us can achieve our goals. Yes, we too can be like Ellen O’Neal, the greatest female freestyle skateboarder of the 70’s, well… our own version of Ellen at least. For … Continue reading

Read, reviewer picks

Forget the guess-work, here are some great holiday reads thanks to this guest post by freelance writer and founder of www.mybookcorner.com.au/ Emma Perry. My holiday reads With a lovely stretch of long, lazy days piling up in front of me my TBR … Continue reading