Try this 12 minute guided meditation

For centuries, Yogis have talked up the benefits of meditation for a more pleasurable life experience. In 2016, the gurus are well and truly backed up by latest science. Research continues to reveal how a heightened state of consciousness resulting from meditation impacts our … Continue reading

Meditation for a longer life

A UCLA study has found that meditation appeared to help preserve our brain’s grey matter, the tissue that contains neurons. WHY DO WE CARE? Most of us are living longer, more than ten years longer. Yet our brains begin to … Continue reading

A letter to motherless women

Rewind to August 2008, and Leigh Van Der Horst was immersed in grief following the loss of her mum Joanne. She utilised the power of social media to connect with other motherless women, and through a series of serendipitous connections took the brave step to … Continue reading

Finding a new normal

On night three of our Mother’s Day series we hear from journalist, presenter and freelance writer Kellie Curtain. She joins us from the desert: Abu Dhabi to be precise, where she’s living the expat life with her husband and four beautiful kids. Kellie explains how … Continue reading

The loss of my mother

In part two of our Mother’s Day series we hear from one of Australia’s most experienced journalists. Senior features writer at The Age Lawrence Money has written four books, won big awards, yet anyone who knows him is equally familiar with his love for two special … Continue reading

When Mother's Day hurts

Interview with Ann Billington

With all the commercial noise surrounding Mother’s Day, it stings me to think how difficult this week must be for many of you who have already lost your mum, never knew her, or have experienced the loss of a child. For this reason, I’ve … Continue reading

Learning to live without my mum

Interview with Candice Wyatt

Candice Wyatt has many reasons to smile, she’s co-anchor of Melbourne’s Eyewitness News and has met the love of her life Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell. It’s hard to imagine that just three years ago, she watched her mother draw her last breath… … Continue reading