Interview with Letitia Green

Australian artist Letitia Green knows too well the power of surrounding ourselves in nature. Her connection to the earth’s beauty was cultivated when she lived in South Africa in her late teens to early twenties. Nature and colour energise the Beaumaris ‘treehouse’ she … Continue reading

The principal dancer

Interview with Lucinda Dunn — The Australian Ballet.

“It was tough for sure, as the dancers were tearful, but I’m so fortunate to have so much respect, support and camaraderie at The Australian Ballet, plus I’ve spent more than half my life there so deciding to leave was always … Continue reading


Interview with Justine Kuran

Justine Kuran, Artist. There’s something fascinating about the way many women inspect the world and try to make it a better place. Justine Kuran first came to my attention through her intricate paper designs. Three-dimensional artworks which draw strongly on symbols … Continue reading

The illustrator/designer

Interview with Beci Orpin

“At the time I didn’t know it, but it all formed to bring me to where I am now, everything was unrelated but absolutely related.” Beci Orpin.   Beci Orpin is a designer of considerable note with a fascinating back story: she spent her … Continue reading

The Stella prize winner

Huge congratulations to author Charlotte Wood for being named the 2016 Stella Prize winner for her novel The Natural Way of Things. The event was held at Sydney’s magnificent Opera House last night. Wood says her novel was inspired by the treatment of … Continue reading

The singer/abc host

Interview with Clare Bowditch — Musician, Big Hearted Business.

“Balance is never handed to us on a plate, it’s really, simply a matter of finding your own internal place of rest in between all the busyness.” Clare Bowditch.   Clare Bowditch is a businesswoman, mum-of-three, musician, song writer, appears on the Australian … Continue reading

Google's symbol of reconciliation

Another reason to feel pride this Australia Day. The world’s most popular website ‘Google’ has acknowledged the stolen generation with powerful reminder of how we should remember January 26th. The search engine has used a compelling image of a weeping mother, ‘Stolen Dreamtime’ as its … Continue reading

Reviving a theatre

Call me romantic but stepping inside old cinema palace the Lido made me think of guys named Frank taking gals named Lois on their first date. Photo – Tania Savage Production – Martine Harte. It’s hard to believe this vibrant space had been vacant for more than … Continue reading

The ballerina, her butterflies

Interview with Ako Kondo

      “When I was a student a teacher said, “you’re just thinking about how to jump but for ballet you have to think about flying away…” Ako Kondo. Watch Ako Kondo demonstrate how she transforms into character in … Continue reading