Are we there yet? Elizabeth Broderick

Elizabeth Broderick famous speeches as Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission  Are we there yet? Why not? Elizabeth Broderick our former Sex Discrimination Commissioner explains her view in this speech to the CEDA as part of its leadership series … Continue reading

How to close the gender gap, Penny Wong

Senator for South Australia Penny Wong delivered this speech when she was Minister for Finance and Deregulation. Hew view on closing the gender gap in Australia is that progress cannot happen automatically; it must be spurred on by individuals. Closing … Continue reading

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Interview with Kemi Nekvapil

A recent report by the Women’s Gender Equality Agency and Curtain University reveals that even female execs are earning $93,000 less on average than our male counterparts. A gap which comes to around 26 percent. Gender bias and dinosaur attitudes towards women … Continue reading


Question for you: what do you think is the biggest predictor of success? A quick poll of friends suggests: smarts, tenacity, luck, looks and who you know. However, a recent Medium post by author and entrepreneur Michael Simmons, shows science actually offers a … Continue reading