Are we there yet? Elizabeth Broderick

Elizabeth Broderick famous speeches as Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission  Are we there yet? Why not? Elizabeth Broderick our former Sex Discrimination Commissioner explains her view in this speech to the CEDA as part of its leadership series … Continue reading

How to close the gender gap, Penny Wong

Senator for South Australia Penny Wong delivered this speech when she was Minister for Finance and Deregulation. Hew view on closing the gender gap in Australia is that progress cannot happen automatically; it must be spurred on by individuals. Closing … Continue reading


Measuring the social impact of Engaging Women’s not-for-profit Ambassadors program isn’t solely based on how much money we raise to support women and children. It is also about the connections you forge with other women, their wider community and the new skills you … Continue reading

Dear Quentin

Interview with Dame Quentin Bryce

Academic, lawyer, human rights advocate, university college principal, vice-regal representative in Queensland, and Australia and a grandmother… that’s just the start of Dame Quentin’s illustrious achievements. You’d be hard pressed to find an Australian who doesn’t hold a degree of affection … Continue reading

The art of finding your purpose

Interview with Kemi Nekvapil

Want to hear more? Kemi Nekvapil is a speaker, author and empowerment coach. She has been featured in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC Television and on SBS. Kemi says a “disempowered childhood” (five sets of foster parents before she … Continue reading

The art of asking - extended cut

Interview with Kemi Nekvapil

  We’ve enticed some of Australia’s best communicators to participate in a video series designed to embolden more Australian women to step into public life. The result is unscripted content aptly named, ‘The Trick.’ The Trick’s aim is to empower, inform lives with intelligent content … Continue reading