Lisa Wilkinson takes a stand on equal pay

Lisa Wilkinson has stated she’s ‘more than ok, I’m great” after her stellar career with Channel Nine dissolved due to wage talks.

This morning she jumped in the car to visit her 89-year-old mother, as the viewing public came to terms with the fact that one of our biggest stars wasn’t getting paid what she was worth.  What the bloke next to her was worth.

Pic: Lisa Wilkison takes a stand on equal pay. Pic: via Daily Telegraph. John Grainger.

Rumours are her co-host Karl Stefanovic was paid almost double her wage. It this is true, executives should hang their heads in shame..

Six months of contract negotiations ended sometime after 5pm yesterday when her management refused to continue to play the game.

News Corp Australia reported she was earning $1.1 million a year compared to Stefanovic’s $2 million pay packet.

She then revealed via Twitter she would be joining rival network Ten’s progressive The Project.

Lisa’s stance has cemented her even more of a warrior for women.

If pay was indeed the tipping point, she has changed the game for many women in television. Executives will be more nervous about pay negotiation with big stars in the future. And that is a good thing.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has backed her decision, “I completely appreciate her position if that was her reason and congratulate her for taking a stance.”

Channel Nine has missed a prime opportunity, in the wake of the global outcry over the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and several allegations of misconduct at rival Seven Network it had a prime opportunity to shine.

Today host Karl Stefanovic addressed her departure live this morning:

“Mostly you go with my love, lots of love, all my love. We will see you soon, maybe after midday. Enjoy the sleep-ins.

It’s reported the high-profile journalist defected to Network Ten for an even bigger pay packet. Ten says she will host The Project and more roles will be announced in coming months.

If our Facebook page is anything to go by the viewing public will go where Lisa goes.

“So for now, just this, Lisa. Thank you. Thank you for the laughs, the sage advice, the calmness, oh the calmness,” he continued.

Newsreader Sylvia Jeffreys, is among the frontrunners to replace Lisa.


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